Warrior Dynasty HD1 Senior Composite Stick

Warrior Dynasty HD1 Senior Composite Stick

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The Warrior Dynasty HD1 Hockey Stick is the top stick in the all-new Dynasty stick line. Optimized to provide easy power and maximize the performance of any player, the HyperDrive kick zone, found on all models, is an engineered kick zone in the middle area of the shaft to ensure the player maximizes load which results in 10% more power and velocity on all shots. A unique blend of carbon fibers and toughened epoxy are saturated and thermoset cured creating ultimate shaft strength, feel, and response.Strong Arm Taper geometry is wide and resists torque to improve power transfer and accuracy when firing slap shots and one-timers ProTex Grip offers a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum drive and control FEATURES Construction – 100% Carbon Thermoset HiFused Technology Strong Arm Geometry Flex Profile – HyperDrive Engineered Mid-Kick Geometry – Straight sidewalls and rounded corners Grip – Non-grip, matte finish with ProTex Grip texture for enhanced feel Blade – Hardcore X Foam Core Twinspar Carbon Fiber Stringers Aramid Sole


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