CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Intermediate Composite Stick (S21)

CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Intermediate Composite Stick (S21)
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The CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Composite Stick:

*Shaft Technology: C6 Weave on Blade – Developed using cutting edge design tools to substantially reduce weight with out sacrificing durability
*Kick Point: Optimized Low Kick – Featuring a soft taper area and optimal vertical flex, CCM’s exclusive Ribcor Asymmetric Taper design maximizes loading and quick release
*Shaft Shape: Ergonomic Shaft Design – Advanced ergonomic construction designed by the CCM Performance Lab in collaboration with the best hockey players on the planet
*Blade: Agility Blade with Peel Ply – Including optimized C6 weave, the agility blade facilitates quick release and increases accuracy


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