CCM RibCor 63K Intermediate Griptac Composite Stick (S18)

63k stick
CCM RibCor 63K Intermediate Griptac Composite Stick (S18)
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The CCM RIBCOR 63K stick is designed with a low kick point, easy to load for a quick and surprising release. Easy to load technology, a unique layup that mirrors the Ribcor shaft. SXX2 blade, the blade’s stiffness goes from stiff in the heal to extra stiff in the toe for that quick release. Traditional T-Geometry, our more traditional geometry featuring slightly squarer corners.

With limited promotion, we will be inviting consumers to register their Ribcor sticks (any stick in the line: Ribcor Trigger 3D, Ribcor Pro 3, Ribcor 65K and Ribcor 63K) on CCM website for the ability to access a 45 day warranty instead of the traditional 30 days.


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