CCM RibCor 40K Junior Griptac Composite Stick

$199.99 $89.98
CCM RibCor 40K Junior Griptac Composite Stick
$199.99 $89.98
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The CCM RibCor 40K Grip Hockey Stick is the premier model in the new CCM RibCor Line (powered by Reebok). The CCM 40K features all new Technora™ Aramid Fiber reinforcement that not only keeps the stick feeling newer, longer; but it also provides excellent durability. Stemming from the original Reebok RibCor, the CCM 40K Hockey Stick has a unique pre-loaded shaft that creates an extremely quick shot release and a great puck sense in the hands. To ensure accuracy, CCM developed a new SXX 2 blade. This blade is stiffer in the heel and progressively increases in stiffness towards the toe, helping to keep the blade face square to the target for pin-point accuracy.

The RibCor 40K stick uses CCM’s premium carbon fiber in the Tri-Matrix construction process; supplying superior responsiveness in a finely balanced and feather light package.

The Tri-Matrix fiber orientation uses 90° fibers through the middle for increased strength and stability, while the 45° fibers help to speed up the load and release process.

Heritage: Reebok RibCor / 20K SideKick 4

Level of Player Guideline: Elite Construction: Fused one-piece

Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Slightly Concave Sidewalls

Flex Point: Low Kick Weight: 422 grams (Based on a 85 flex P87A)


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