CCM RBZ FT1 Grip Intermediate Composite Stick

$279.99 $99.98
CCM RBZ FT1 Grip Intermediate Composite Stick
$279.99 $99.98
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The RBZ FT1 has cutting-edge technology that is designed to make plaers shoot harder. FacePlate technology increases the stiffness and reduces the weight of the blade. With the new technology and the taper for a more efficient energy transfer, it has an increased smash factor. Blade: With FacePlate FT1 technology it has improved the structure and design to increase stiffness and C.O.R. for full power on all shots. Taper: The PowerHosel 2 has a longer shaft tip that is deeper towards the heel for a better energy transfer. • SHAFT: TECHNORA REINFORCEMENT – Layers of Aramid fibers which provide great durability without • compromising performance due to its bending properties. Shaft: Aramid fibers help with durability that doesn’t compromise the performance because of it bending. Kick Point: Gives players a unique flex profile depending on where they place their bottom hand.


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