CCM JetSpeed Grip Junior Composite Stick

$199.99 $119.98
CCM JetSpeed Grip Junior Composite Stick
$199.99 $119.98
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2018 CCM JetSpeed Sticks will be available for pre-order on June 22. NEW Jetspeed- Developed for the speed of today’s game the new JetSpeed stick features a hybrid kick point, a new geometry and the jetstream blade. The new hybrid kick point creates a power hinge effect allowing the player to more fully load the shaft without any twist occurring in the shaft. The new JetSpeed shape provides a unique combination of comfort and control when the JetStream blade employs CCM’s patented multi-channel blade and proprietary dampening material to achieve a blend of lightweight and feel. The final structure is reinforced with Sigmatex spread-tow- technology from top to bottom, making it one of the most advanced products in the marketplace. NEW JetSpeed Shaft Dimensions: Rounded corners and convex top/bottom to follow the contours of your hand. Concave sides for greater control. Seamless taper for optimized release. Senior 105/95 Flex 92″ Senior 85/75 Flex 59″ Intermediate 65 Flex 57″ Intermediate 55 Flex 55″ Junior 50 Flex 52″ Junior 40 Flex 49″


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