CCM Jetspeed FT2 Junior Composite Stick (s19)

$179.99 $109.98
$179.99 $109.98
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The new CCM JetSpeed FT2 stick arrives with nothing but cruel intentions towards goalies. Outfitted with a Hybrid Kick Point, the JetSpeed line allows players to have a stick that can do everything. Whether it be loading up at the point for a powerful one-timer, or a quick release in the slot, this stick has got you covered. For the first time in seven years, CCM has returned to a solid blade in the JetSpeed/RBZ instead of the hollow blade players have known. Introducing the new JetFuel 80 blade. CCM has moved the dampening layers that previously resided on the outside of the blade, inside. But fear not, CCM was able to keep the JetSpeed’s telltale stiffness while managing to improve responsiveness, not too mention cutting about 15g of weight. As a result of most of this weight being removed from the blade, the JetSpeed FT2 has a higher balance point and feels even lighter than it actually is. Bringing it all together is X-Flow Technology. An advanced molding process that is far more precise, creating a consistency and increasing durability by eliminating excess resin and voids that happen during the molding process. CCM Warranty OPS Sticks and Composite Shafts (Player and Goalie) are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of sale to the consumer when used as intended under normal use and without alterations.


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