Bauer Supreme S37 Intermediate Hockey Skate (S20)

Bauer Supreme S37 Intermediate Hockey Skate (S20)
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The Supreme S37 skate is for the skilled playerlooking for value and comfort. A fiber composite boot gives the player more flex, to allow foraproper range of motion in the skate, making it easier to use out of the box. Comfort comes from alightweight memoryfoaminthe ankle paddingAND a40 ounce tongue with mesh metatarsal guard, which also offersadded flexibility. Finally, it’s equipped with the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder, which allows for the quick release-swapping of steel, offering ease of maintenance and dependability.The S37 has a FLEX RATING of 65, offering a high level of support and stability for the player.

Most important upgrades:
– Fiber Composite Material
– 40 oz. Felt tongue with midfoot protection made of mesh material
– External material: Fiber Composite
– Inner material: Microfiber
– Ankle pads: Especially light memory foam
– Footbed Shaped EVA material (removable)

Warranty: Bauer Hockey skate boots are warrantied for ninety (90) days, blade holders are warranties for one (1) year and runners are warrantied for ninety (90) days from date of purchase. If your purchase is within the warranty parameters noted in the category list below and you have purchased from a local retailer, you should contact the retailer, where they will be happy to review your claim and handle or process a warranty claim on your behalf, should the item qualify for warranty. Please note that in order to be eligible for a warranty claim, you must present to the retailer, your original receipt. Your retailer will not be able to process your claim, without a valid proof of purchase.

Please note that warranty claims, are for for any defects in workmanship, within the time frame specified for the item you purchased. Bauer is not responsible for damages or abrasions to any equipment, as a result of playing the sport.

While warranty exceptions are unlikely, if it has been more than the specified warranty parameters, since your purchase and you have the original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer, you may contact us:

U.S. Residents: Warranty.US@bauer.com or contact us at 1-888-509-6875

Canadian Residents: Warranty.Canada@bauer.com or contact us at 1-888-509-6875

If you reside outside of North America, please email Warranty.Europe@bauer.com

For Russian consumers, the warranty is provided in accordance with Russian law. Please contact the location where you purchased your BAUER product. In the case of a dispute, please contact the exclusive distributor in Russia, Inter-Commerce LLC at office@inter-commerce.ru


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