Bauer Supreme 1S Intermediate Griptac Composite Stick

$269.99 $124.98
Bauer Supreme 1S Intermediate Griptac Composite Stick
$269.99 $124.98
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The Bauer 1S Stick is on a completely different level of scoring with the RenewCore technology. It takes over performance, durability and power! Highlights:

Revolutionary Blade Technology: The only blade around with pressurized gel core. It remains in a liquid state forever, which will improve shot power and durability. The RenewCore is the most advanced technology on a blade; ever.

Durable to the Core: The 1S heals its self from the inside out. When damage happens inside of the blade, the pressurized gel will find and fill in the cracks. Giving it more durable, long-lasting blade. Even with shot after shot.

Ultimate Performance: With unique properties of the RenewCore’s gel, it helps transfer the power inside the blades core. Improves the stickhandling every time the puck hits the blade by absorbing the energy. Get more control and more power to make those big plays!

Extended Transfer Zone: The Extended Transfer Zone will give you the same slap shot and on- timer you expect, but with the new, it allows you to load the tick more easily by where you place your hands and give more power to the snap shots. It is the most versatile Supreme stick yet.

Maximum Power: Maximum Power Kick (MPK) technology was designed to use your power and transfer from the handle t the blade making it to the back of the net. Light and Deadly: 20% lighter than regular carbon fiber, the TeXtreme is the latest carbon technology. For better puck handling without sacrificing the durability, this technology improves balance.

Time After Time: The eLASTech technology will stop fractures from spreading that can be caused by the slashes and pucks. Your 1S stick will always be ready for game time. Consistent Performance: Monocomp Technology gives consistent transfer at every shot. It makes the difference in scoring and missing.


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