Top Three Youth Hockey Helmets for a Safer Practice

While all players and positions have different needs when it comes to hockey equipment, there is one crucial piece of equipment that they all have in common: the helmet. From falls on the ice to collisions with other players, your head is always at risk, meaning a high-quality helmet is crucial. For those new to the sport, the search for an affordable helmet that offers supreme protection can be intimidating. Dedicated to supplying quality hockey equipment at prices that meet your budget, Ocean Hockey offers our review of three of the top hockey helmets for youth play, perfect for protecting those new to the ice.

Our picks for the best youth hockey helmets:

1. Bauer Re-Akt 100 Combo

Sitting at the crossroads of protection, comfort, and style, the Bauer Re-Akt 100 Combo is designed to offer everything players need to play at their best. With triple density impact management, a lightweight titanium facemask, and Bauer’s own VTX Technology with Seven+ protection, this piece of equipment is scientifically designed to take a beating so that the player doesn’t have to, meaning the ultimate in concussion protection. Plus, this Bauer helmet offers a customized fit with an occipital lock and central tool-free adjustment, allowing it to conform to the player’s needs for comfort that last well after the third period.

2. CCM Resistance Helmet

An excellent alternative to Bauer’s line of products, CCM hockey helmets offer an exquisite amount of security and this scientifically-tested resistance helmet is proven to keep heads protected. Using a series of interior bladders within its rock-hard outer shell, this hockey helmet design was created to sustain multiple types of impact, which is perfect for the unpredictable life of a dedicated hockey player. Easy to adjust without the use of additional tools, the CCM Resistance Helmet is made to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

3. Bauer 4500 Combo

While more affordable than many of its counterparts, that doesn’t mean that the Bauer 4500 Combo offers any less protection. Combining dual density foam, a dual-ridge crown, and ergonomic translucent ear covers, this helmet is equipped to keep players in the game for the long term. Floating pro ear loops and built-in moisture channels ensure comfort, while the classic design and choice of colors let your player look great.

Since day one, we’ve remained a leading supplier of affordable hockey equipment for both youth and adult players. Browse our selection of hockey protective gear, including hockey helmets, from Bauer, CCM, and other top hockey brands. Rest assured that with Ocean Hockey, you’re investing in supreme safety at the most competitive of pricing!