Hockey Skate Sizing Myths that Lead to a Regretted Online Purchase

There may be no more common question to online shoppers than “what size hockey skates should I get?” While the right fit has the potential to bring maneuverability and precision, a bad match can completely destroy your game. When looking to buy hockey skates online from a supplier such as Ocean Hockey, proper hockey skate sizing should be any savvy buyer’s top priority. Fortunately, after our years of experience in the world of hockey, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to properly size hockey skates for your online purchase. Take a look below as we debunk a few of the most common hockey skate sizing myths out there.

Let’s debunk some of the most common hockey skate sizing myths:

Myth #1: Hockey skates fit like regular shoes

  • The Truth: A good rule of thumb is that hockey skate sizes run one to two sizes smaller than regular shoes however, different brands can vary greatly. Within our own online inventory of skates, you’ll find products from various big-name manufacturers, such as Bauer and CCM. Top brands, though they may be, it is important to understand that sizing for one may be very different from another.  The best way to get an accurate idea of what size is best for you is to stick with a brand that you are familiar with, or to visit your local sporting goods store to try them on before making the online purchase.

Myth #2: If a professional player wears them, they’ll be great for you

  • The Truth: When it comes to ice hockey skate sizing, your best bet is to go with the pair that offers the best features and fit for you. As you browse our selection, stocked with the top professional brands, you may be tempted to purchase the same skates that your favorite player wears. However, they may not be best for your individual game.

Myth # 3: If you know your skate size you don’t need to try them on

  • The Truth: To put it plainly, different brands and styles offer different fits—your favorite Bauer skates may run differently than the new pair of CCM that you’ve got your eye on. Look for the right depth, heel-fit, mid-foot width, and toe box fit. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit just one finger or a pencil in between your heel and the back of the skate. 

Myth #4: Discomfort is normal, even when wearing not-so-new skates

  • The Truth: When it comes to athletic footwear, discomfort in the short term leads to pain or injury in the long term. Though it may take a few skates to break in your new Bauer Nexus 5000’s, you shouldn’t feel too much pain. Look for a fit that is tight but not so much so that you need to contort your foot every time you lace up.

Myth #5: Purchase a few sizes up so that they can be grown into

  • The Truth: This is a common mistake made by parents who have younger children new to the sport.  To avoid ankle injury and to get the most control on the ice, skates, whether ice hockey or figure skates, should grip the heel while leaving just barely enough room for your toes to brush the tip of the skate. Your safest bet is to get skates that fit properly.

When you think you’ve finally made the right decision on which skates to buy, rely on Ocean Hockey Supply for the best deals! Browse our inventory of ice hockey skates and skate accessories and contact us with any questions you may have.