Have Fun with Hockey Lessons in Brick, New Jersey

Learn to Play Hockey

When you’re helping your child find a sport that emphasizes team play over individual performance, values athleticism, and rewards integrity on the ice, hockey is a fantastic option. Hockey helps kids learn how to work in a cooperative group towards a single goal, communicate on the ice and develop teamwork skills, and keeps them in a safe after-school activity, all while engaging in them in a healthy physical activity.

Covid-19 Health Screening- Mandatory Before EACH Ice Session

Youth Hockey Lessons

The primary advantage of teaching your child to play a sport such as baseball or basketball is that you, as a parent, can likely teach them the basics of the sport. Hockey, however, is a bit more of a challenge to teach and does require professional insight. Additionally, it is much easier to pick up a baseball and a glove or set up a hoop on the garage than it is to create an ice rink in the backyard. Fortunately, that’s where the rink at Ocean Hockey Supply becomes an advantage. We offer hockey skating lessons to kids of all ages in 7-week long clinics, as well as summer hockey camps.

What Happens at Ice Hockey Camps?

Within our ice hockey camps and programs, we offer players a variety of features that allow them to improve their on-ice skills, such as:

  • Skill Development: The basic skills needed to learn the basics of hockey.
  • Station Training: A variety of exercises ranging from Skating ABC’s, Stationary Passing, Sharks & Minnows Tag, Slalom Puck Control, Shooting, Keep Away 1v1, 4×4 Cross Ice, Obstacle Courses, and Stick Handling. Players rotate through the stations continuously to ensure they learn thoroughly and have fun!
  • All Aspects of the Game: Emphasis is placed on skating, stick handling, passing, shooting, and limited scrimmages.
  • Excellent Coaching Staff: With over 75 combined years coaching and playing experience, our students have the best instructors and mentors the Jersey Shore has to offer. 

We also offer other modules that help kids get better at hockey basics, while building upon their overall love of the game. Trust that you’re getting the very best in hockey lessons, as we build on the USA Hockey Red, White, and Blue Hockey and ADM modules to create our hockey lessons. You don’t have to take our word for it either, take a look at a list of the professional players who have skated with us in the past.

What Equipment Will You Need?

To prepare your child for their hockey lessons, they will need the following pieces of equipment:

  • hockey skates
  • hockey helmet (no other type of helmet is acceptable) with approved facemask
  • hockey jersey
  • gloves
  • shin/knee guards
  • elbow pads
  • shoulder pads
  • hockey stick

We do have a FREE rental program available through our Proshop, if this is your child’s first session and you’re not ready to commit. Please allow 30-40 minutes for an equipment fitting.  **Fittings can not be scheduled Monday’s between 5:00pm-7:30pm.


What Should I Know Before I Sign My Child Up?

Hockey is a physically demanding sport that pushes kids to develop strength and coordination. We strongly encourage kids to complete the entire 7-week course of hockey lessons and discover how hockey fits them. Makeup Sessions are not offered for any missed sessions.

It is important to note that hockey does have a reputation as a violent sport, because the upper leagues allow checking, but at lower levels, that tactic is prohibited. Of course, in our hockey lessons, we do all that we can to keep everyone safe. The goals exist around skill building and the occasional scrimmage, but we don’t push for the same competition that you see in leagues and rec department play.

With that being said, hockey isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. Those who love it, love it with their whole heart and we’re happy to be a part of jump-starting that passion!

We do not offer makeup clinics for missed or cancelled classes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 732.477.4411 or email us at Info@OceanIcePalace.com