The Bauer Supreme 1S Senior Ice Hockey Skates For Sale Online

It’s time to bring your game to the next level with the new Bauer Supreme 1S Ice Hockey Skate. Ignite your game with one of the most popular skates available from Bauer. Skate faster, hit harder, and feel stronger with the ultra-lightweight TITANIUM CURV COMPOSITE boot that anatomically wraps your feet for maximum energy transfer and increased power for every stride.

The new customizable tongue and tendon guard of C-FLEX technology allows you to create a better range of motion that is necessary for the most explosive strides ever.


Custom fit your tongue and tendon guard with the Bauer Supreme 1S Skates. The removable inserts allow for FULL, MID, or STIFF range of motion.

Get An Edge Over Your Competition.  Stay Sharp and Swap Steel in Seconds

Always keep your edge with the new Lightspeed Edge on the Bauer Supreme 1S. Now players can change their steel in seconds. The innovative trigger system allows players to change steel with no rivets, wrenches, or any missed playing time!

The TUUK LS4 runner is a cleaner, stronger sharpened edge. It has an additional 3mm of height that allows for better attack angles and more power in every stride.


Hockey’s Quickest Drying Fabric. 37.5® Technology.

Stay cool and dry with Bauer’s new 37.5® Technology. This revolutionary technology evaporates sweat and moisture, creating the fastest drying fabric in the hockey industry. This new technology increases a player’s performance by keeping the body temperature at an ideal level, while giving players more energy to focus on their game.

37.5® Technology is made up of millions of tiny particles, called “hot rocks”, that are embedded into the fabric. These particles attract sweat and evaporate it when your body starts to heats up. Because evaporated sweat is a gas, it finds its way into the air between every opening in your equipment, leaving you dryer for extended periods of time.

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