Easton Mako

Easton Mako Composite Stick
Easton Mako
Brand Name: Easton
Item#/SKU: HSMako
The Easton Mako hockey stick is SPEED REDEFINED. The Mako is all about the quick pass, quick shot and quick hands. All of those combined lead to one thing: more shots on goal. And in the end, more goals. The Mako stick features a proprietary woven KevlarŪ/Graphite shaft for a light and balanced feel. There is a ballistic woven KevlarŪ outer layer wrap which provides excellent dampening for improved puck feel and impact protection from slashes and when blocking shots. The Mako is also built with a tuned taper section with Easton's Elite Stiffness Profile. This offers a quick shot release and controlled puck reaction. Putting all the power to the puck on the Mako is Easton's Multi-Core blade design. Constructed from an advanced 3K carbon weave, the blade on the Mako offers the best of stiffness for an accurate shot and for excellent feel of the puck. New on the Mako stick is a non-skid blade coating. This allows for better grip of the puck where the blade is exposed and also allows for tape to stick better and provides a tighter tape wrap. QUICK PASS. QUICK SHOT. QUICK HANDS. MAKO

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