Miken MV-5 Radial Sr Stcik

Miken MV-5 Radial Sr Stcik
Brand Name: Miken
Item#/SKU: M5PRO80/M5PRO90
Features the new radial shaft design to provide exceptional control with an anatomical grip. Combine this with exclusive continuous fiber construction. No start and stop in the carbon fiber to deliver maximum energy transfer and puck feel. This continuos fiber allows to calibrate a precise flex profile for consistent, amplified kick. R900 highest grade aerospace carbon fibers tensile strength forces the material to instantly bounce back to mits original state.Precision blade fiber alignment maximizes blade performance for lightning release. 80 or 90 Flex. BP10: moderate curve, round toe, Lie 5.5, BP40: slight curve, round toe, Lie 5

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