Sherwood T90 VR Sr Stick

Sherwood T90 VR Sr Stick
Brand Name: Sherwood
Item#/SKU: T90VR
Better engineered materials and a long loading zone for a flex free zone. The shaft has a long loading zone with chameleon technology. Compression molded shaft built with three distinctive layers and wrapped with high modulus carbon fiber with a tri-ply technology. The result is a complete energy transfer for more powerful shots along with ultimate release and responsiveness. The blade is built with high desnity foam and wrapped with high modulus carbon fiber. Light & stiff blade that reduces vibration and minimal torquing for accurate shots. The shaft is ergonomically designed to fit in the players hands. Better puck control and minimal hand fatigue for a relentless performance. Optimal balance point, unique feel of the puck. Flexs: 95, 85,70, 60 PP12 IG:1/2' regular curve lie 6.5,PP96 Bouchard:1/2" heel curve lie 5.5, PP09 Ryan: 1/2" heel curve lie 5.5,

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