Seaweed Stick Wax

Stick Wax
Seaweed Stick Wax
Brand Name: Seaweed
Item#/SKU: Seawax
Seaweed Hockey Stick Wax is all natural, biodegradable and has a great scent!! Its quickly becoming the hottest wax on the market. Its twice the size of its competition and its dual purpose is second to none! Not only does this all natural blend extend the life of your blade and tape it also doubles as a bag deodorizer. Throw a couple of bars in the bottom of your bag and smell the benefits!! Helps extend the life of your blade and tape Water repellant keeping your tape from getting saturated Prevents snow build up, allowing for better stick handling, passing and shooting Great scent helps improve the smell of your equipment bag Easy to apply rub on generously coat the tape on your blade For all skill levels Net weight 85 grams
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