Easton S19 Sr Non Grip Stick

Easton S19 Sr Non Grip Stick
Brand Name: Easton
Item#/SKU: S1985/S19100
Tuned taper section built with our Elite Stiffness profile to pro specs. Quick release, controls puck reaction. TORX technology with elliptical profile. Kevlar wrapped compression molded concave shaft. improved blade feel with newly engineered materials. multi-core design provides dampening, upper core-structural, lower core- solid core for improved feel. Non grip 85 or 100 flex Sakic pattern: Lie 5.5 Mid curve open face, Zetterberg: Lie 5 Mid heel curve closed face, Iginla: Mid curve closed face Lie 5.5, Drury: heel curve open face Lie 5.5

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